Vision & Mission

  • Vision & Mission

    Vision: As a leading reliable partner in the area of providing transportation services for petroleum, chemical and logistics services with the best value for customers.

    Mission: The goods of our customers are safely transported strictly in the timely manner, preserved by the same respect, responsibility; Take care of the life of employees; ensure shareholder benefits; Contributing to society.

    Six Core values:

    1. Customer oriented: listening, understanding and exchanging with customers, suppliers, implementing high quality service, reasonable price to satisfy customers; Help customers solve their problems.
    2. Safety: Ensure management and operation of the fleet is absolutely safe and protects the environment.
    3. Sense of responsibility; Organization-discipline: Each person is given the right and responsibility in accordance with functions and duties; comply with the regulations of the system; Always behave first for the sake of the company, the customer.
    4. Professionalism: competently work, dynamic, creative and effective.
    5. Respect: respect and listening to colleagues, customers, partners, respect for differences, contributions,…
    6. Personality: confident, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility.