PVT Logistics Year-End Meeting and Staff Party 2022

  • PVT Logistics Year-End Meeting and Staff Party 2022

    On December 30th, 2022, Phuong Dong Viet Transport and Logistics Corporation (PVT Logistics) successfully held Company Year End Meetings and Staff Party to highlight all business activities in 2022, and set goals for 2023, at Lotte Legend Saigon Hotel in Hochiminh City

    The conference was honored to greet PVTrans Corp’ BOD, Chairman Mr. Pham Viet Anh, and CEO Mr. Nguyen Duyen Hieu, together many other leaders from PVTrans and PVTrans’ subsidiaries.

    First and foremost, The Conference highlights the market situation in 2022, when China imposed strict Zero Covid policies, lead the Bulk cargo and Container Shipping freight market to collapse since the middle of 2022; the Oil/Chemical Shipping freight rate, in contrast, has increased due to Russia-Ukraine conflict.

    Mr. Ho Si Thuan – PVT Logistics’ CEO

    In 2022, PVT Logistics also successfully sold MV PHUONG DONG STAR, and with support from PV Trans, has magnificently signed a bareboat hire purchase charter with Japanese Owners for the 20.000DWT Oil/Chemical Tanker named PVT FLORA, modernizing the Company fleet when the timing was right. Together with continuous management improvement, Company’s business results have reached a record level, in which: revenue and profit exceeded VND 1,000 billion and VND 160 billion respectively.

    In the second quarter of 2022, PVT Logistics has completed renaming the company from PVTrans Oil to PVT Logistics, changing the logo, and creating a new brand identity to better suit the current business direction.

    Nonetheless, PVT Logistics still ensured full employment and stable income for 338 employees with an average salary of VND 31 million per person per month, which is 23% higher than in 2021.

    Mrs. Le Thi Thu Hong, – Company Labor Union Representative, reported at the conference

    In the year 2023, PVT Logistics aims to achieve revenue of VND 1,050 billion and profit of VND 55 billion. During the year, the Company will invest, hire and purchase at least 03 more tankers and bulk carriers. The company also continues to increase charter capital from 311 billion to 511 billion VND.

    At the conference, all the Company’s departments have a chance to present their initiatives, and solutions to improve the safety and business activities next year 2023.

    Mr. Pham Viet Anh – Chairman of PV Trans Corporation highly praised and appreciated the achievements that PVT Logistics achieved in 2022; highlight the importance of the leading role of the Company’s BOD, also encouraged PVT Logistics to continue their efforts and promote the motto of “Dare to think, dare to act, dare to bear responsibility”, and actively launched initiatives to deal with many challenges and take advantages for achieving all 2023 targets. In addition, the Company has to quickly put the Crew Manning Center into operation according to the Corporation’s plan. He also affirmed that PV Trans is always ready to support, create favorable conditions, and put trust in PVT Logistics; believes that PVT Logistics will maintain its position as the leading units of the Corporation in all aspects, especially in management.

    Mr. Pham Viet Anh – Chairman of the PV Trans

    On behalf of the Company’s employees, Mr. Nguyen Trong Quy – sent his most sincere thanks to the PVTrans leaders and was honored to receive the award “Company with the best management in 2022” from PVTrans Corp.

    Mr. Nguyen Trong Quy – Chairman

    Mr. Pham Viet Anh awarded the ” Company with the best management in 2022″ to the PVT Logistics.

    Mr. Nguyen Duyen Hieu – PVTrans’s CEO awarded the Corporation’s Certificate of Merit to 9 excellent individuals in 2022.

    Mr. Nguyen Trong Quy – Chairman and Mr. Ho Si Thuan – Director of the Company awarded prizes to honor 8 outstanding individuals in 2022

    PVT Logistics staff and Crew taking photos with the Corporation’s Board of Directors

    PVT Logistics Year End Meetings and Staff Party 2022 was a chance for BOD and top managers to congratulate Company’s achievement and thank their employees for the hard work and effort they have put in throughout the year, and hope for the year 2023 with many more successes.

    PVT Logistics