PVT Logistics emphasizing on employee training and development

  • PVT Logistics emphasizing on employee training and development

    Training always leads to better processes and business growth; especially in today’s ever-changing marketplace, the importance of employee training has never been greater. Understand that fact, PVT Logistics has been emphasizing on workforce training to keep its competitive advantages.

    In PVT Logistics, training can be various ways, such as on-job training, in-house training, seminar/workshop, from online to onboard training, coaching and mentorship, etc. Senior leaders have responsibility to support young juniors, ensure that they feel valued for their contributions and help them believe they are in the right place. Cross-training makes teams more dynamic in capabilities and better able to work around challenges. Professionals are often hired to improve employee skills set to meet industry compliance standards. Employees who get training often find their work varied and stimulating, enhancing engagement and morale.

    Mr. Ho Si Thuan, CEO standing class Leadership & Mentorship at workplace

    Throughout 2022, PVT Logistics has successfully organized 12 training sessions, mainly aim to:

    1. Deliver essential expertise and skill sets:

    These sessions equip employees with practical knowledge they need to complete their jobs such as Business Negotiation, Writing professional English business email, Leadership & Mentorship at workplace, Organizational Skills for using time and resources, etc

    2. Improve technical/safety skills & awareness:

    Safety courses are crucial in shipping, and safety awareness is something all employees must carry at all times. Especially in this highly regulated industry, employees must complete mandatory compliance traning to ensure that all understand the laws, policies and regulations they must adhere to.

    These programs such as SMS, SIRE 2.0, War risks and Piracy, Ship casualty and incident investigations, etc targets to increase employee safety awareness, reduce accidents and injuries, boost productivity, reduce work stress and build a stronger safety culture within the Company.

    SMS, SIRE 2.0 training course, and Safety Workshop for seafarers

    Furthermore, these training can help teams up-to-speed with changes and updates in the extremely competitive environment and meet strict standards of Oil Majors.

    SIRE 2.0 training course for employees and crew members

    3. Navigate digital transformation:

    Digital transformation has driven fundamental changes across shipping industry. It’s important to apply technology and provide technology training for employees so everyone understands how new tools can help them do their jobs better. This can unlock greater level of efficiency, agility and value for Company.

    Training session on “Task planning and organizing skills”

    PVT Logistics has applied digital technology in various sectors, including GPMS for ship management, FAST for accounting, IDOC for administration, Podium/StratumFive for marine/vessel performance, Videotel/Karco for crew training, Milbros for tanks cleaning procedure, etc

    Training session on “Ship casualty and incident investigations”

    Implemented training on the Company’s new Safety Management System (SMS)

    “Email Skills and Tips for Sending Emails in English to External Partners” course

    Training course on “Addition War Risk insurance and Piracy, K&R insurance”

    In 2022, PVT Logistics has grown and evolved its level, working directly with Oil Majors as Petronas, Ampol, and being Womar Pool members, carry first class cargoes from Shell, BP, Exxonmobil, etc that requires consistent and ongoing training for all Company employees. Moving forward to 2023, PVT Logistcs shall embrace more training and development, which can dramatically enhance Company’s advantages, meet standards of EU and US markets, and tranform greatly in digital technology. The company has set targets of TMSA 2.8, 150% near miss reports, Zero LTA and Zero LTI in 2023.

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