Formation and development

  • Formation and development

    I. NAME:

    ·  Company Name: Phuong Dong Viet Shipping and Logistics Corporation 

    ·  English name: Phuong Dong Viet Shipping and Logistics Corporation

    ·  Transaction name: PVT Logistics

    ·  Office: 08 Floor, Citilight Tower, 45 vo Thi Sau St., Dakao Ward, District 1, HCM City

    ·   Phone: (08)-629.11.281/82/83 Fax: (08)-629.11.280

    ·  Website:    Email:


    The company was officially established on 20/04/2007, with the name originally the Oriental Petroleum product Transport Joint stock company, the English name abbreviated as PDC Shipping J.S. C, which functions as the following business lines:

    ·         Business of coastal and ocean freight.

    ·         Trading of cargo by specialized automotive

    ·         Domestic waterway transport business by means of motor vehicles.

    ·         Marine dealers and brokerage services, supplying ships.

    ·         Ship repair Service.

    ·         Rental of transport vehicles: ships, cars, motor vehicles.

    At session 11/08/2008 of the shareholders ‘ meeting, the company decided to change its name and transfer its headquarters as well as to complement the functions of the company. Since 02/10/2008, the company officially operates as Phuong Dong Viet Oil transport joint stock company with the English language name PV Oil Shipping J.S.C.

    Implementing regulations of Vietnam National Petroleum Group at public office No. 26/DKVN/LQHQT dated 30/03/2011 and directed by PetroVietnam Transportation Joint Stock Corporation at No. 812/VTDK-VP on 07/04/2011, based on the meeting of the AGM, dated 16/06/2011 Phuong Dong Viet Oil transport joint Stock company decided to rename the English abbreviation PV Oil Shipping to PV Trans Oil as the present.

    In addition to the head office, the company now also put branches/REPRESENTATIVE offices in the regions: Vung Tau, Quang Ngai, Hai Phong, southwestern region.

    Current business sectors of the company:

    ·         Business of shipping, transporting goods by automobile, inland waterway cargo transport.

    ·         Marine Brokerage services, supply and repair of ships.

    ·         Rental of transport vehicles: ships, cars, motor vehicles.

    ·         Exploiting rocks, sand, gravel and clay.

    ·         The service supports the extraction of crude oil and natural gas.

    ·         Fresh water supply service for ships.

    ·         Wholesale food, non-alcoholic beverages, machinery and equipment for production: industrial, Marine, mining, Construction, processing & kinh doanh xăng dầu; Solid fuels, liquids, gases and related products (except gas), cement, Clanhke, fertilizer, chemicals used in agriculture.

    ·         Petroleum processing industry (except chemicals with strong toxic properties).

    ·         Cargo transportation by liquid tank truck. -Direct support services for technical management and engineering.


    A. Phase 1: From 2007 to 2010

    Five transports in DWT payload 10,000 – 25,000 tons. Develop a strategy to develop the petroleum product transport fleet and organize specific implementation measures aimed at sustainable development goals.

    Building a lightweight and efficient organizational structure on the basis of strategy and training plans for reasonable human resources, responding to high pressure of work, which are managers of highly qualified and versatile (professional, foreign language, information technology, communication,…).

    Build a robust PVTRANS OIL brand to keep customers at the same time searching for and developing new customers. And it is important that customers will find PVTRANS OIL.

    B. Phase 2: from 2011 to 2015

    Further investment 5 transports with DWT payload 10,000 – 50,000 tons.
    Expanding the network of services engaged in the business of brokerage brokers, establishment of representative offices in domestic and abroad.

    Expanding the type of transportation: gas, liquefied gas,…

    Make joint ventures with other companies in the field of petroleum transportation and dry cargo transportation for the purpose of mobilizing capital, just creating alliances and dividing the market together.

    As of 2015 PVTRANS OIL will manage a fleet with a gross payload of about 300,000 DWT serving countries in the Asian region and the world.

    C. Company’s development strategy after 2015

    ·         Construction of a road transport network, inland waterway serving the Highlands, southern Vietnam by the team of the tank, barge team.

    ·         Gradually build a ship repair workshop for the company, towards the establishment of ship repair factories to both self-service and expanding the form of service business with other units.