PVTrans Oil successfully organized The Labour Conference, reviewing business activities in 2021 and building the mission for 2022

  • PVTrans Oil successfully organized The Labour Conference, reviewing business activities in 2021 and building the mission for 2022

    The conference has been held at Sheraton Sai Gon Hotel on 22nd December, 2021 with the attendance of PVTrans BOD, top managers from PVTrans subsidiaries and other close clients.

    The Company has highlighted the difficulties, advantages and fleet development and other business activities in year 2021 and made plan in 2022. PV Trans Oil’s CEO, Mr. Ho Si Thuan has made every effort to find suitable solutions to minimize the negative impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the company’s business. One of the important solutions is to arrange all employees fully vaccinated at the earliest. Secondly, the company with support from PV Trans has successfully signed a contract with Japan Owners for bareboat hire purchase charter of the Supramax bulk carriers PVT Diamond at the bottom of market cycle which has generated good return for the Company in year 2021. Thirdly, the company develop the logistics service by successfull transport of wind tower projects that are trusted and appreciated by customers and continue to cooperate with other projects, at the same time bringing profits and continuing to go further in the future.

    In the year 2021, PV Trans Oil also successfully cooperated with Womar to operate vessel PVT Neptune and PVT Venus in Marida Tanker Pool.

    The company has been trusted by other Ship Owners to sign a ship management contract for a total of 5 chemical tankers, increasing the number of managed and operating vessels up to 11 ships.

    Despite the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, which seriously affected throughout, PVTrans Oil still improved the income and welfare of employees.

    The company has made great efforts to take care of the employees and  contributed to social  in difficult circumstances due to the Covid epidemic.

    The Labour Conference 2021 was a chance for BOD and top managers to honor Company achievement and thank their employees for their hard work and effort they have made throughout the year. The Company managers make sure that they never miss this opportunity to say congratulation upon their employee’s achievements.

    In order to get the achievement in 2022, the Chairman of PV Trans asked the BOD and employees of PV Trans Oil to continue their efforts and promote the spirit of ” Dare to think, dare to act, dare to bear responsibility”, proactively find breakthrough business solutions, grow PVTrans Oil’s development strategy to adapt to the new situation, in association with the PVTrans’ development strategy; Especially the Company has to complete their investment, establishing and putting into operation the Crew Manning Center to meet the needs of the PVTrans and the market. He also affirmed that the PV Trans is always ready to support, create favorable conditions to support and put trust in PVTrans Oil; believes that the Company will continue to be the top one of PVTrans’ members.

    On behalf of the Company’s employees, Mr. Ho Si Thuan – Director sent his most sincere thanks to the PVTrans leaders and committed to strive to complete the 2022 plan targets.

    With the achievements in business activities in 2021, the Company was honored to be commended by the PVTrans with the noble award “Best Service Development Company in 2021”, at the same time the Company’s Director recognized and awarded certificates of merit to collectives and individuals Labour that achieved the title of Excellent and Advanced Labor in 2021.

    The conference asked for all employees of the Company together with the company BOD to unite to overcome all difficulties and challenges in order to get business successfully in 2022, building PV Trans Oil for sustainable development, being the second family of each employee, well implement the corporate culture with the motto Unity – Discipline – Creativity – Efficiency”.

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