Announcement for Changing Company name

  • Announcement for Changing Company name

    Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

    Firstly, we would like to thank you so much for your cooperation so far.

    Please be advised that effective from today, 20th Apr. 2022, we change our company’s name as follows:

    Old name: Phuong Dong Viet Transportation Oil JSC (PVTrans Oil)

    Renamed: Phuong Dong Viet Shipping and Logistics Corporation (PVT Logistics)

    website: ; Email domain:

    This will enable us to serve you better and offer you a wider scope of services that will now be associated under the new company name.

    The change will be reflected on our papers and permits but rest assured that it does not affect the activities, transactions, obligations, as well as the performance of agreed contracts. In case of necessity, customers and partners can sign the addendums for signed contracts or renew the contract for the change of company name. Other than this change, quality commitment, management and direction in which we have built our reputation, profession in the industry, shall remain as it is.

    The company will continue to operate in its current arrangement. Our location and contact numbers will remain the same.

    PVT Logistics would like to extend our deepest thanks to all of our customers and partners who continuously support our business. As always, we will continue to serve you with the same commitment and quality which you have come to expect from us.

    Thank you for your support and cooperation.

    Pls see Attached File